2018 Endorsements

Ohio Secretary of State

  • Kathleen Clyde

Ohio Congressional District 2

  • Jill Schiller

Ohio Congressional District 8

  • Dr. Vanessa Enoch

Ohio School Board

  • Patricia Bruns

Ohio State Representative

  • District 27 - Christine Fisher

  • District 28 - Jessica Miranda

  • District 31 - Brigid Kelly

  • Distrit 32 - Catherine Ingram

  • District 51 - Susan Vaughn

  • District 52 - Kathy Wyenandt

  • District 53 - Rebecca Howard

  • District 65 - Patricia Lawrence

Hamilton County Court of Appeals

  • Marilyn Zayas

  • Candace Crouse

  • Ginger Bock

Hamilton County Court of Common Pleas

  • Arica Underwood

Cincinnati Women’s Political is proud of all our 2020 endorsed candidates.  They stepped up to run and worked incredibly hard.  We congratulate all of them.  We couldn’t be happier to congratulate State Representative Jessica Miranda, State Representative Catherine Ingram, State Representative Brigid Kelly, Commissioner Alicia Reece, Sheriff Charmaine McGuffey, Treasurer Jill Schiller, Judge Ginger Bock, Judge Jennifer Branch, Judge Wendy Cross, Judge Alison Hatheway, Judge Nicole Sanders, and Judge Kari Bloom for their elections.  This was truly a historic election.


Congratulations are also in order for the passage of the CPS/Pre-School Promise Levy Renewal.

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